Aurora Deep Sea Cream Free Trial Reviews

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Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
(Not sure who uses this much face cream in 30 days - way too much.) I found the full charge on my credit card statement. Called and was told I could not return, could not be refunded because I was passed a 14 day trial period. Shipping took 10 days! Now I have been charged again and just received a box in the mail. Wanted to return all and receive credit card credit for ALL charges. My charges for face cream in less than 60 days total $367.
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I liked
  • Packaging looks great
I didn't like
  • Being scammed
I ordered my trial sizes and got 3 of them, one was 4.95, 34.71 and 3.95 which is not a trial price which I was NOT informed about those charges.I was NOT informed about the Terms and did NOT see them anywhere.When I got my credit card I had those 3 charges PLUS an 89.71 and 89.77 FOR a TRIAL size so Don,t deal with this company it is NOT to be TRUSTED. I called and got nowhere for sometime, first I waited over 15 minutes to even talk to...
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Don't be suckered into this scam .. they get into your account and will not give you back your money and negotiate how much they will give you back. The call center will not give an address to file a complaint. They lied about sending a receipt and they have no follow up way to address where you order the trial. This is one of the biggest scams going on Consumer BEWARE..... The call center will not even tell you who they are and everyone is a...
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I didn't like
  • Anything about this transaction
Ordered product,took a wk to even get,have not used very much. Checked bank statement to find out they took almost 180.00 out of my account !!!!Called , got nowhere!!!! they don't refund,they don't tell where to ship product back to!!!!!!!! Lady on phone told me she would cancel future orders and would send me email with confirmation in minutes !!!! You can guess,I never received anything !!!!!! BIG SCAM,VERY EXPENSIVE !!!!! I think these people...
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I didn't like
  • Being scammed and price
I orders a trial product called Aurora skin Cream. I was supposed to be billed For shopping ONLY. When I reviewed THE order online, I was charged$4.95 for the cream. Additional products were added such as eye cream for$5.95 AND Aurora vitamins for $74.50! When I call the customer service phone, they cannot locate me. How do I put a stop to this Visa charge ASAP?.
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